Why Using High Quality Rags Matters

Having a clean and tidy commercial office building is an important way to ensure the health of your employees, improve productivity, and impress your customers. If you are using low-quality rags to do the cleaning, it could be impacting all of these areas. High quality cleaning rags, on the other hand, can help improve these things.

Cleaning for Your Health

While cleaning is a great way to keep your office looking aesthetically pleasing, it’s not the only reason that you engage in this practice. In fact, what you don’t see under those layers of dirt is probably what could harm you the most—from superbugs and flu viruses to E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

The cleaning products that you use play an important role in how well you can remove the potentially harmful specimens, but what is often ignored in your cleaning efforts are the rags that you are using. Without high quality, clean, and safe rags from a place like The Ragman Company, you could just be spreading these contaminants around your office rather than getting rid of them. Talk to your janitorial service, or call The Ragman Company directly to discuss options for quality cleaning materials.

It’s also important to have a variety of cleaning rags in different colors so you can use specific rags for cleaning the bathrooms and avoid reusing them to clean light switches, doors, and countertops in other areas of the office.

Cleaning for Aesthetics

While your health and the health of your employees and customers should be your primary cleaning concern, it’s certainly not the only reason that you clean the office. You also want your office to look amazing after you get done cleaning, which is another reason you should be focused on getting high quality rags. Lower quality rags, dirty rags, and other materials can leave streaks behind on windows and mirrors, or lint and stains on surfaces that you want to look spotless.

Cleaning for the Environment

One option that many people consider is the use of disposable cleaning rags. While there are some occasions when it makes sense to use these rags, if you are constantly using disposable products, you might be creating a lot more waste than is necessary. Finding high quality reusable rags can help you reduce the total amount of waste that you create during each cleaning session.

To learn more about the types of cleaning rags available, and discover which ones would work best for cleaning your commercial office space, talk to The Ragman Company today.